Legislation and Policy Advocacy

San Diego Coastkeeper believes that smart, effective, science-backed laws and policies are a crucial component of maintaining the health of our environment. Regulations that prioritize the environment and protect our communities create the framework for a sustainable future. As such, we actively support environmentally protective legislation, advocate for regulations that will help prevent pollution and degradation, participate in writing effective permit language, and call out agencies when their actions fail to uphold their environmental obligations.

Where existing laws are out of date or failing to meet the needs of our communities, we work with stakeholders, decision makers, and community members to advocate for the best possible updates and replacements. From city hall to the state capitol, we are committed to making sure the environment has a champion in every room where decisions are being made.

Over Two Decades of Advocacy

Since our founding 1995, San Diego Coastkeeper has been at the forefront of advocating for laws, permits, regulations, and policies that protect and restore San Diego County’s waters. Over the years, our advocacy has taken on many issues and many forms. We have engaged state lawmakers to pass groundbreaking water conservation and efficiency legislation, and we have advocated before local decision-makers on plastic bag and styrofoam bans to protect our coastline and marine life. From regular campaigns before the San Diego Water Quality Control Board seeking stormwater or wastewater permits that require measurable, enforceable pollution reduction, to testifying before the Coastal Commission on offshore pollution discharge permits, our staff has maintained a leadership role in advancing measures protective of our inland and coastal waterways and communities.

Backing It With Science

Being a successful advocate takes time, effort, and commitment. It also takes participating in scientifically sound studies aimed at understanding challenges, answering questions, and identifying ways to reduce or remove barriers to achieving clean, safe, resilient water for San Diego. Throughout our history, San Diego Coastkeeper had held positions on numerous technical advisory committees and participated in several large-scale studies that allow us a unique opportunity to offer expertise, gain insight into current trends in water management, and ensure plans, processes, and outcomes are aimed at achieving comprehensive environmental protection.