About Us

Our Mission

San Diego Coastkeeper protects and restores swimmable, drinkable, fishable waters in San Diego County.

Our Vision

San Diego Coastkeeper is a major force in transforming the San Diego region into a leader in sustainable water management, guided by engaged and informed communities, and protective of a healthy environment that supports high biodiversity, resilient ecosystems, and thriving neighborhoods.

Our Values

Fundamental Right To Clean Water

We are guided by the belief that humans and the environment share a fundamental right to clean water.

Inherent Value Of Waterways And Ecosystems

We hold true the inherent value of San Diego’s rivers, streams, canyons, and coastline, and the ecosystems and biodiversity they support.

Diverse Stakeholder Engagement

We are dedicated to engaging with a diverse array of partners and stakeholders to protect and restore clean water for the communities and traditions that depend on it.

Fearless Advocacy

We are committed to addressing environmental threats directly, fearlessly, and on the basis of sound scientific and legal principles, even when doing so challenges popular opinion.

Strategic Multifaceted Approach

We believe a strategic combination of science, advocacy, education, and community engagement is the most effective way to address existing and emerging water quality issues.