The San Diego region is full of natural beauty. From the sweeping deserts of Anza Borrego to the snowy peaks of the Laguna Mountains, from chaparral-covered hills to oak-lined urban canyons, there is much to celebrate and explore across our county. Our region is perhaps best known, however, for its beautiful beaches and striking coastline. These features inform San Diego’s identity, provide abundant opportunities for recreation and contemplation to those with access to them, and support the livelihoods of many local businesses reliant on tourism, recreation, and healthy fisheries.

Our oceans and coast appeal to more than tourists and locals, however. San Diego’s natural resources are under constant threat of further development and industrialization from those seeking to profit without regard for the environment. Especially concerning are precedent-setting projects for which there is no specific environmentally-protective regulation yet established. From desalination plants that harm marine life and discharge pollutants back into the ocean, to efforts to expand offshore drilling, to proposals to develop the nation’s largest offshore commercial aquaculture farm, San Diego’s coastal natural resources continue to be threatened by overuse and degradation.

Check out our pages on desalination and aquaculture to learn more about these coastal development projects, and what Coastkeeper has done to advocate for the protection of our ocean, marine protected areas, and coastal environment.