Diane Castañeda

Board Secretary
Why do you volunteer with Coastkeeper? I have witnessed the Coastkeeper team worked tirelessly to keep San Diego waterways clean and healthy. I truly believe in their work and love being part of helping them further their mission.
What do you wish everyone knew about Coastkeeper? That every member of Coastkeeper is passionate about their work and about protecting San Diego’s waterways.
I want to see a world where: my daughter and all future generations can enjoy fishable, swimmable, drinkable waters everyday, without worry.


Diane Castañeda, is a bilingual communications specialist based in San Diego, CA. She worked in the ocean conservation and environmental fields for over eight years, working in local, state, and national bilingual media campaigns including the plastic bag ban of California, the adoption and establishment of Marine Protected Areas and National Monuments, and sea turtle conservation campaigns. She currently is the Social Media and Media Relations Manager for Digital Impact &, a digital marketing firm in San Diego. She is passionate about the outdoors and served in the board of the San Diego Children and Nature from 2017-2019.