Our Team

The people behind our organization make our vision for clean water, vibrant communities, and a healthy environment possible. We invite you to learn more about our board of directors and staff.

For contact information for our staff, visit the contact us page.

For information on joining the team, check out our employment page or our internships page.


Phillip Musegaas

Executive Director And Waterkeeper
– He/Him/His

Patrick McDonough

Senior Attorney
– He/Him/His

Marie Diaz

Marine Programs Manager
– She/Her/Hers

Melanie Croce

Development Director
– She/Her

Lesly Gallegos-Stearns

Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator
– She/Her/Ella

Erick Valdez

Education Manager
– He/Him

Rio Caramello-Uyeji

Operations Coordinator
– She/Her/Hers

Pamela Krasovsky

College Corps Fellow
– she/her

Lola Schettini Ramirez

College Corps Fellow
– She/Her/Hers

Minna Lara

College Corps Fellow
– She/Her/Hers


Chanté Coleman

Board President

Sri Cressy

Board Vice President

Diane Castañeda

Board Secretary

Lee Duran

Board Treasurer

Michael Torti

Board Member

Joe Callahan

Board Member

Tyler Hee

Board Member

Laura Marion

Board Member

Catherine Stiefel

Advisory Committee Chair

Jim Perry

Senior Advisor