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Clean Water for San Diego

Advocate for Stormwater Infrastructure Funding

Make a Public Comment

Due to COVID-19, all City Council meetings are being held virtually. You may access the meeting online via Zoom or by calling into the meeting.

  1. Join the meeting webinar by 2 p.m. on Tuesday, March 15.
    • To join by computer, tablet or smartphone: Navigate to the Zoom webinar.
    • To join by iPhone one-tap: US: +16692545252,,1614863189#
    • To join by telephone: Dial 1-669-254 5252 +, when prompted, input Webinar ID: 161 486 3189 #
  2. To speak on a particular item or during non-agenda public comment click the “Raise Your Hand” button on your computer, tablet, or smartphone (or dial *9 by telephone).
    • You will be taken in the order in which you raised your hand. You may only speak once on a particular item.
  3. When the Committee Consultant indicates it is your turn to speak, unmute your device by clicking the “Unmute” button on your device, or dial *6 on your telephone.
  4. Speak or read your public comment.

Unable to Call in to the Meeting?

Submit a Public Comment Form.

    • Indicate the appropriate agenda item (ITEM-330).
    • Submit your comment by March 14, 11 p.m. Pacific.
    • All webform comments are limited to 200 words.

USE Sample Talking Points

We have listed some helpful talking points below, but feel free to use your own experiences to back up your position.

    • My name is [First name Last name], and I live in [City Councilmember]‘s district.
    • I believe our communities have a right to clean, safe water. The City must adequately invest in stormwater management that protects the public from pollution, flooding, and property damage.
    • San Diego needs to capture and treat our stormwater. Toxic pollution threatens our neighborhoods and closes our beaches. We deserve clean, safe water to support our communities, economy, and recreation.
    • Our aging stormwater infrastructure threatens our most vulnerable communities. Heavy rains flood our streets and pollute our neighborhoods. Sewage systems leak into nearby stormwater pipes and waterways. These are dangerous public health risks that disproportionately affect environmental justice and frontline communities.
    • Stormwater solutions are climate solutions. We can clean our waters, reduce flooding, create local green jobs, address climate change, and increase safe and secure water supplies. Increased stormwater funding can turn a liability into a regional asset.

Thank you very much for your time.


Congratulations, you’ve raised your voice on an important issue! You’ve fulfilled an important aspect of your civic duty. Our waters thank you.

Helpful Tips

  • Call from a quiet and familiar location.
  • CityTV Live stream is delayed on televisions, web streams, or radios. Follow along using your phone audio.
  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Be respectful. Avoid using profanity or hateful language.
  • If you are using the public comment script, please read it ahead of time.
  • Share your story. Personalized public comments are memorable and more effective.


A rundown and tentative schedule for supportive actions. Subject to change. Click the squares below to learn more.

January 2021

The City of San Diego’s Transportation and Stormwater Department released a funding report detailing the major funding gaps and the need for a long-term funding strategy. San Diego Coastkeeper, our partners, and concerned community members attended the Environment Committee meeting and provided public comment. The committee voted to send a resolution, in favor of continuing the process of creating a long-term funding strategy, to the full council.

Action items

February 2021

City Council passed the resolution to continue to evaluate the viability of a stormwater-related ballot measure or similar dedicated stormwater funding mechanism. San Diego Coastkeeper was part of over 40 public comments asking council members to cast their vote toward a future with clean water.

Action items


July 2021

The Stormwater Department will return to meet with City Council and report on the continued evaluation of the viability of a stormwater-related ballot measure or similar dedicated stormwater funding mechanism.

Action items

January 2022 (Tentative)

San Diego City Council will vote to approve a final funding mechanism.

Action items

November 2022 (Tentative)

San Diegans could see a funding initiative on their ballots.

Action items

    • Vote!



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