Recycling wastewater into drinking water–why not?

Indirect potable reuse sounds technical, doesn’t it? Referred to as IPR, it a process that recycles wastewater into water so clean that it can augment our reservoirs and help increase our drinking water supplies. This means that in non-technical terms, it’s recycling water we’ve already used. At San Diego Coastkeeper, we believe in the old …

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Vote with your fork

A lot of people these days want to feel a sense of place in the things they eat. Whether they do it for culinary or environmental reasons, there’s a growing demand in San Diego for locally sourced food. You can easily find local citrus and squash at your neighborhood farmer’s market, but things get a …

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The problem of trash in our ocean starts inland

Marine debris in the Pacific Ocean is increasing at a startling rate! Studies of have shown that millions of birds, fish, marine mammals and other wildlife are impacted every year from ingesting or getting entangled in plastics and other debris. It is not solely the cities and counties on the coastline that contribute to the …

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Help Ban the Bag in San Diego

Tired of seeing bags on your streets and beaches? Coastkeeper is working hard to rally support for Assembly Bill 1998, which would help Californians shift to reusable bags and reduce plastic bags making their way into our ocean. The bill passed the state assembly and is now in Senate committees. You can help by calling …

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