Don’t let ACC's trickery fool you! Plastic bags are bad

captionWhy is this year’s plastic bag ban (AB 1998) struggling in its final days in the CA state legislature? It’s hard to argue the fact that 19 billion of these bags are used in California each year, while only five percent of them get recycled and the rest are choking our landfills and waterways or killing wildlife.

But somehow, the plastics industry lobbyists from the ACC (American Chemistry Council, AKA the devil) are using fear tactics and gross overstatements in a new ad campaign that must be costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

They’ve also created a website called Stop the Bag Police that is overflowing with disinformation and a list of businesses that were undoubtedly mislead about the intent and consequences of the bill.

To set the record straight:

  • First, most of the plastic bag manufacturers are based in Texas, not California.
  • Second, plastic distributors and companies in California sell a diverse portfolio of items with plastic bags making up a small portion of their overall sales (no lost jobs!).
  • Third, the ACC should have been working with their industry factories five years ago when we first met with them to tell them about the harms plastic bags create for our environment, knowing that this change for sustainability was coming down the line.
  • Fourth, you want green jobs?  How about a boom for the 19 reusable bag companies based in California?

This bill is a win-win with a LONG list of supporters (download a list of supporters in San Diego ), and the legislators who are behind it should be applauded for protecting our collective future.

There are about 4 days left to contact your senator to vote Yes on AB 1998. DO IT.