San Diego Coastkeeper team at Happy Earth Hours in Pure Project Balboa Park

Happy Earth Hour: A Deep Dive into San Diego’s Waters

Happy Earth Hour

Happy Earth Hour with San Diego Coastkeeper at Pure Project Balboa Park

On Tuesday afternoons throughout April, our advocacy and outreach teams connected with our communities and reflected on our relationship with water in our region. With support from Hunter Industries and Pure Project Balboa Park, we celebrated Earth Month with a series of educational happy hours exploring our waters’ past, present, and future.

Attendees were from various backgrounds and careers, from university students to government employees and working professionals looking to shift industries. We saw friends from San Diego Canyonlands, Climate Action Campaign, Birch Aquarium, I Love A Clean San Diego, University of San Diego, and many more join the conversations throughout the month.

Each evening focused on an in-depth discussion on a topic related to our water supply and water pollution challenges. We settled into our seats and watched slides click by in between sips of beer as our wonky and comedic hosts, Lucero Sanchez and Patrick McDonough, traded sarcastic jokes and guided us on a journey from our headwaters to our homes.

Community Policy Coordinator Lucero Sanchez and Senior Staff Attorney Patrick McDonough guide us through San Diego's water systems.

We started at the beginning and covered the basics of our water systems: where our water comes from, where it goes, and who’s in charge. We explored how San Diego will be affected by the climate crisis and how aging infrastructure is worsening inequality, flooding, and pollution in our poorest neighborhoods. Finally, we examined different water supply alternatives from desalination to wastewater recycling, addressing the challenges and opportunities for the future of water in San Diego.

Story Map: From Headwaters to Home

Following the Happy Earth Hour events, we created an online story map highlighting our journey through the water supply cycle. It showcases the research conducted during the presentation series and allows us to share these critical water supply and pollution issues with a larger audience.

Navigate the Story Map

View the story map in your browser (recommended) or scroll through the story map below.

Below you will find more information about each event, including a link to the presentation slides, ways to take action, and resources for diving deeper.


Presentation: Where Does Our Water Come From and Where Does It Go?

We examine our local and imported water supply sources and water pollution issues. View or download the presentation, Where Does Our Water Come From and Where Does It Go?

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Presentation: Equity, Climate Change, and Infrastructure – Oh My!

We look at how the climate crisis and aging infrastructure affect San Diegans differently. View or download the Equity, Climate Change, and Infrastructure – Oh My! presentation.


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Presentation: The Future of Water in San Diego

We look at solutions addressing our region’s emerging and persistent water issues. View or download The Future of Water in San Diego presentation.


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