Happy Earth Hour: A Deep Dive into San Diego’s Waters

On Tuesday afternoons throughout April, our advocacy and outreach teams connected with our communities and reflected on our relationship with water in our region. With support from Hunter Industries and Pure Project Balboa Park, we celebrated Earth Month with a series of educational happy hours exploring our waters’ past, present, and future.

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New Year, Same Stormwater Issues

On Thursday, February 17, the City of San Diego’s Stormwater Department gave an update on their work developing a long-term funding strategy for stormwater at the Environment Committee meeting. This update shared favorable polling data and reiterated the enormous need for a ballot measure to create a dedicated funding source for clean water.

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Protect the Sea Lion Rookery

Each year, hundreds of visitors repeatedly touch, pet, take selfies with, pick up, and disturb California sea lions at Boomer’s Beach and Point La Jolla in San Diego. San Diego Coastkeeper’s advocacy team recently submitted a letter to the Mayor of San Diego and the City Council urgently requesting that the City of San Diego take immediate action to curb the frequent, illegal harassment and disturbance of these animals.

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