Sri Cressy

Board Vice President
Why do you volunteer with Coastkeeper? I have now lived in San Diego for almost 30 years, which is the longest I’ve ever stayed in one place. It is the best home I have known and being able to give back to a city in a way that sustains its resources, beauty, and joy is not only important to me but a necessity. San Diego’s waters are its pride and joy – and it’s imperative that they are kept clean and safe for all to enjoy.
What do you wish everyone knew about Coastkeeper? The amazing work that the team does, with care and passion. It’s a small team that does big work, ensuring clean waters with advocacy, science, and outreach programs with the community. The impact of Coastkeeper is inspiring and moving and I am so happy to have this opportunity to have gotten to know them and I wish everyone in San Diego also took the time and opportunities to get to know Coastkeeper.
I want to see a world where: environmental issues become everyone’s issues and where people of the world work in unison to help sustain the Earth’s resources for future generations.

Sri started at Qualcomm 29 years ago as an engineer and had the opportunity to work in all the emerging technologies. Sri rose to the ranks of Director of Engineering, along the way improving her skills by pursuing a mini-MBA from Rutgers University. Sri also serves as a board member of the women’s employee network at Qualcomm and is focused on mentorship, sponsorship, and coaching programs that help bring the best out of people. She is committed and passionate about preserving our environment for future generations. Sri joined the San Diego Coastkeeper board in March 2022 to give back to the communities and the environment home to her and her family.