Melanie Croce

Development Director
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Pronouns: She/Her
My favorite San Diego beer is:

As a newcomer to San Diego, I look forward to researching this topic!

My favorite way to enjoy water is: Snorkeling and SCUBA diving. I love exploring to see what plant and animal life exists below the surface.
I want to see a world where: The environmental damage of the past is reversed through rewilding/restoration, and future development works synergistically with nature rather than against it.

Melanie joined Coastkeeper in February 2023 as the development director. Her work focuses on fundraising and development to support and grow the many programs.

Melanie holds a B.S. in Environmental Science from Virginia Tech. After graduation, she provided environmental oversight as Natural Resource Advisor on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Response in the Gulf of Mexico. From there, she worked on a shorebird monitoring project for the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, followed by a sea turtle and primate conservation and alternative livelihoods project on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea.

Before joining Coastkeeper, Melanie served as Executive Director at Seal Rescue Ireland for six years. She grew their platform and strengthened the organization’s ability to rescue and rehabilitate marine mammals. She also broadened the scope of work to encompass proactive conservation programs, including a Habitat Restoration project aimed at fighting climate change while promoting biodiversity and water quality to protect the marine environment and all life within it. Melanie is passionate about nature-based solutions as a holistic way to create a safe and healthy planet for all living things. She is excited to explore San Diego’s watersheds with her partner Jesh, and their dog, Sadie.

You can reach Melanie at [email protected].