Note: Project SWELL guided lessons are currently on hold as San Diego schools remain closed due to COVID-19. We can’t wait to visit you in your classrooms again when schools can safely reopen! Until then, please check out our new Project SWELL remote learning modules!

Bring dynamic, locally focused water and climate science into your classroom with a guided lesson from Coastkeeper’s education team. Our educators guide students through a hands-on activity, discovering NGSS in a new way, and allowing teachers to see the power of the Project SWELL curriculum in action. 

Explore lesson topics below, and schedule a guided lesson here.

1st Grade: What's in our Water?

Students explore a watershed model to learn about how pollution travels.

2nd Grade: What's a Watershed?

Students make watershed models to learn about soil and water interactions and how to prevent pollution.

3rd Grade: Water We Going to do About the Climate?

Students learn about the differences between weather and climate and simulate climate change.

4th Grade: Pollution Goes Where?

Students become dolphins and discover what happens to our trash when it reaches the ocean.

5th Grade: Water Supplies in Trouble!

Students discover the amount of water on our planet and identify sources of San Diego water. 

6th Grade: Watersheds in San Diego and Modeling Pollution

Using recyclable materials, students make watershed models and learn how human activities impact our water.