Project Swell

About Project Swell

Project SWELL is an innovative environmental education program that connects San Diego students to local water issues and climate science and empowers them to protect the environment. Project SWELL’s interactive lessons and hands-on activities put students at the center of inquiry and exploration. Project SWELL was developed in partnership with Think Blue San Diego and is available to teachers of grades K-8 within the San Diego Unified School District.

Project Swell is Available for Delivery in Two Formats

Guided Lessons

Classroom-based guided lessons where Coastkeeper educators visit classrooms and lead students in hands-on learning. Guided lessons are available either as one-time visits or as the first visit of a four-part engagement series.

Remote Learning Modules

Teachers access and assign lessons and activities at their own pace. Each comprehensive grade-level bundle comes with a video lesson, a video activity, a downloadable activity booklet, a lesson plan, an activity checklist, and a bonus virtual field trip.

Project SWELL is available at no cost to teachers within San Diego Unified School District. If you are not in the district, please email [email protected] for more program options.

Thank You to Our Project Swell Partners