How to Oppose Commercial Fish Farming

Find Your Elected Official

The Port of San Diego is governed by a seven-member Board of Port Commissioners representing five cities. Find and contact your representative.


Contact Your Elected Official

Coastkeeper is continuing to monitor the progress of this proposed project. You can take action today by reaching out to your elected representatives to voice your opposition to destructive, under-regulated commercial aquaculture.

Tell your San Diego Port Commissioner you do not support industrial finfish farming off the San Diego coast. You can reach them by email.

Sample Talking Points

We have listed some helpful talking points below, but feel free to use your own experiences to back up your position.


My name is [First name Last name], and I live in [Your City]. I’m calling to let you know that I am opposed to the Pacific Ocean Aquafarms project off of our coast. I am concerned with this project because:

*Select one or two talking points*

  • There are no regulations that govern offshore fish farming and thus, no best management practices and regulatory oversight.
  • Fish farming operations, like factory farming, are a breeding ground for pathogens and disease. In addition to the increased risk of infection and transmission to wild populations, fish farming also threatens our local fishing industries.
  • Confining large amounts of fish to densely packed cages concentrates harmful pollutants and bacteria. Chemicals found in fish food, antibiotics, and pesticides can negatively impact water quality and surrounding communities’ health.
  • Offshore fish farming practices can be harmful to consumers. Farmed finfish and shellfish often contain traces of antibiotics, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, heavy metals, parasites, and viruses.
  • Fish farms can change the natural functioning of the surrounding ocean ecosystem. They can attract predators and scavengers, alter the behavior patterns of many marine species, and undermine the effectiveness of nearby marine protected areas.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Congratulations, you’ve raised your voice on an important issue! You’ve fulfilled an important aspect of your civic duty. Our waters thank you.


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