The Water-Energy Nexus: A Deeper Look

The Water-Energy Nexus Revisited:  Water Conservation, Potable Reuse, and Desalination Water and energy are fundamentally and inextricably connected. In our last article on the subject, we introduced the water-energy nexus and explored the greenhouse gas and climate impacts of the 48 terawatt-hours of electricity used every year to power the transportation, treatment, and disposal of …

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A Foodie Talks Water

Loving Food, Caring About The Environment If you’re anything like me, you’re a bit of an amateur foodie. You might watch cooking shows like nobody’s business, get excited to try new trendy restaurants, or occasionally pay too much at overpriced coffee shops. Like me, you might also be constantly bombarded with doom-and-gloom messages about our …

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So you want to speak at a City Council meeting

Good, you should. The local-level advocacy of sharing your opinion with your policymakers is your democratic right. We’re writing this blog post in early October, 2018, because the San Diego City Council is scheduled to vote on a proposed ordinance limiting polystyrene foam on Monday, October 15, and the “styrofoam ban” could use your support. …

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Understanding Your Water Footprint

Understanding Your Water Footprint As we Californians embrace smarter, more efficient water use as a way of making our relationship with water more sustainable and more secure, we often focus on our residential water use as the primary place to conserve. Truth be told, residential water use – the water we use in our homes …

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Where Water And Energy Collide

San Diego Coastkeeper is made up of water-loving people working hard to protect and restore clean water on behalf of the communities and wildlife that depend on it. We surf, we swim, we SUP, we fish, and then we trade our wetsuits for real suits and meet with stakeholders and decision-makers, advocating for the environment …

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San Diego Coastkeeper and Partners Featured in Vanity Fair

    We are pretty excited about this recent Vanity Fair feature on ten of California’s Waterkeeper organizations – including San Diego Coastkeeper. Check it out to learn more about our collective mission to protect California’s rivers, lakes, and coastline, especially in the face of new federal threats to environmental protections. We are proud to …

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