Sixth-graders Against Microplastic Pollution

Classrooms Explore San Diego’s Watershed

A screencapture of a Zoom meeting with faces of students and Coastkeeper staff wearing masks
Sixth-graders from Marston Middle School and Coastkeeper education staff captured in a virtual presentation

During the 2020-2021 school year, sixth-grade students from Marston Middle School participated in Project SWELL. Project SWELL is an innovative environmental education program that connects San Diego students to local water issues and climate science and empowers them to take an active role in protecting the environment.

Coastkeeper’s education staff led classrooms through a virtual exploration of watershed dynamics and the impacts of microplastics on the environment. The sixth-graders conducted do-it-yourself trash surveys and analyzed sources of neighborhood pollution. Students also met with Scripps Institution of Oceanography researcher, Dr. Dimitri Deheyn to discuss the impact of microfibers on people and the planet.

To complete their program, students developed creative explainer videos speaking out against microfibers and proposed possible solutions. The classes submitted their projects to the SDUSD College, Career & Technical Education Innovation Showcase competition. Check out the winning project, Microfibers: The Invisible Enemy.

Student Projects on Microfiber Pollution

We’re applauding the students in the video, “Let’s Fight the Fibers!” (see above) for acting out a potential real-life scenario on camera. This technique encourages students and their peers to see themselves having similar conversations around microfibers with their own friends and family. Watch the rest of the video projects online, Microfibers: The Invisible Enemy.


Water and Climate Science Education Matters

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