New Year, Same Stormwater Issues

On Thursday, February 17, the City of San Diego’s Stormwater Department gave an update on their work developing a long-term funding strategy for stormwater at the Environment Committee meeting. This update shared favorable polling data and reiterated the enormous need for a ballot measure to create a dedicated funding source for clean water.

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The Fight for Clean Water Continues

On Thursday, November 18, the City of San Diego’s Stormwater Department presented a year-end report and a funding strategy update. Their overall message reemphasized the enormous need for a dedicated funding source. This update sets the stage for San Diego’s fight for clean water to continue in 2022.

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Use Your Voice to Advocate for Clean Water

Clean Water and Civic Engagement Each year, the San Diego City Council outlines priorities and a supporting budget. This period is an opportunity for San Diegans to take part in the democratic process. To ensure our communities and the environment’s well-being, we must demand that our elected officials focus on clean water. We vote our …

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