2022 Annual Report

Table of Contents

Notes From Leadership

Phillip Musegaas:
Incoming Executive Director

Welcome to our recap of 2022. I am here as your new Waterkeeper to share a few thoughts as you dive into the incredible work our staff accomplished last year. I am a newcomer to San Diego (is it “San Diegoan?”), and no surprise, I love it. The work is tough but fun, the community is welcoming and beautiful, and my team inspires me daily to look deeper, listen well, and be fearless. We celebrate our successes and note the historic change that came with the departure of Matt O’Malley after nine years of selfless service and hard-hitting advocacy. I urge you to reflect on Matt’s legacy, and I hope you will join me as we chart Coastkeeper’s future.

We will continue to educate future water warriors, fight for equitable access to clean water, and hold polluters accountable, from Oceanside to the Otay River Valley. We will plant ourselves at the intersection of climate and water and strive for solutions that advance resiliency, sustainability, and equity in everything from marine conservation to neighborhood flooding and stormwater recycling to community science. Our vision of the future is simple – it starts and ends with clean water and healthy, safe communities where people can thrive, and nature keeps being wild. Join us on this journey to make our vision a reality.

Phillip Musegaas
Executive Director & Waterkeeper

Matt O'Malley:
Outgoing Executive Director

After nine enriching years, 2022 marked the end of my tenure as executive director and managing attorney at San Diego Coastkeeper. I’m truly honored to have served as San Diego’s Waterkeeper, working with this organization’s talented and passionate staff and board, and alongside many dedicated community members and leaders. And while my time at the helm has ended, I remain committed to seeing Coastkeeper continue its legacy of environmental leadership in our region. I will forever be in service to this prodigious and vital organization. I’m very grateful for what our team has accomplished for clean water, climate resilience, and organizational health during my time as our region’s Waterkeeper. 

The following pages include just a small snapshot of the tireless work the Coastkeeper team undertook last year, and I hope you will take the time to explore our efforts and find inspiration in our many achievements. With these accomplishments providing a solid foundation for future successes, I’m confident that San Diego Coastkeeper – this team, this board, and this movement – will excel at its mission in the months and years ahead.

Matt O'Malley
Executive Director & Managing Attorney

Program Highlights

Public Comments
Community Presentations
ReWild Rally at City Hall on September 20, 2022.
Hands Across the Sand on May 21, 2022.

Defending Marine Mammals

In our quest to protect the health of our ocean, our advocacy team took bold actions in the first half of the year. We launched two impactful advocacy campaigns to protect sea lions during their pupping season. We wrote a letter to San Diego’s Mayor and City Council, requesting a seasonal closure of the La Jolla Rookery to prevent beachgoers from disturbing sea lion pups and preventing injury or death. Additionally, we joined forces with our partners at Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation (CERF) to rally for the California Coastal Commission to vote for a seasonal closure at Point La Jolla.

Paddle for Clean Water on October 2, 2022.
Fossil Fuel Free Pledge press event on August 11, 2022.

Uniting for Water Justice

At San Diego Coastkeeper, we believe in the power of community collaboration to bring about positive change for our local waterways. This is why we were thrilled to participate in the two-day Water Justice Exchange event in City Heights, bringing together students, scientists, and non-profits to engage in rich discussions toward creative solutions to the pressing water issues facing our communities. Our proposal to fund stormwater education and provide stipends for advocacy volunteers was successful, and we were awarded over $4,000. With these resources, we are eager to launch a robust advocacy training program, Clean Water Activists, in April 2023 and continue our efforts toward water justice for all.

Article Features
Park Signs Created
Visiting the site of the future Beyer Community Park with Casa Familiar.
One of five signs for the future Beyer Community Park in San Ysidro, CA.

Designing Signs to Connect Community to Nature

We partnered with Casa Familiar and the City of San Diego Parks and Recreation to design five bilingual interpretive signs for the upcoming Beyer Community Park in San Ysidro, California. The signs provide a unique opportunity for the community to explore and engage with their local ecosystem and indigenous history. Communications and Outreach Director Alyssa Senturk led the project with support from local San Diego artist Kait Kolsky, who designed and illustrated the signs. Campaigns Manager Lucero Weber helped translate the content into Spanish, and Education Manager Delanie Medina and Director of Science Rachele Lopez provided subject matter expertise and guidance. The finished signs were a testament to the collaborative efforts of Coastkeeper and our partners to create meaningful and educational experiences that inspire visitors to appreciate and protect their local environment for generations to come.

Environmental Health Coalition speaking during the Wheels on the Watershed bike tour on May 7, 2022.
Celebrating a triumphant uphill ride to Spooner's Mesa.

Riding for a Healthier Tijuana River Watershed

Coastkeeper joined forces with Latino Outdoors and outdoor advocates to bring attention to the decades of environmental injustice in the Tijuana River Watershed through Wheels on the Watershed, a community bike tour. The ten-mile ride brought cyclists to various pit stops where they heard personal accounts and calls to action from Coastkeeper staff, community activists, and leaders. The tour highlighted the toxic sewage flowing through the Tijuana River Estuary and the proposed solutions to fix the long-standing environmental crisis. Federal, state, and local funding efforts are underway to improve the water infrastructure and bring a healthier Tijuana River estuary that would clean the water, sequester carbon, protect against flooding, and provide habitat for wildlife. Coastkeeper used our media and marketing expertise to help spread the word and bring more attention to this chronic pollution issue.

Students Reached
Educational Lessons
Access Youth Academy community clean-up at Mission Beach in April 2022.
Fourth-grade Project SWELL lesson at Elementary Institute of Science.

Partnering for Student Success with Access Youth Academy

To support our youth’s future, Coastkeeper partnered with Access Youth Academy. Their program provides a unique opportunity for students to engage in after-school leadership and development experiences while learning the game of Squash. This partnership expands the sport’s reach to underrepresented communities and instills a sense of environmental responsibility in our young leaders. Through hands-on science presentations and weekend beach clean-ups, students learned to understand the impact they have on their local environment. We are working towards a brighter future for our youth academically and ecologically.

Science to Stewardship students creating a watershed model in November 2022.
Step-2-STEM students exploring San Diego aquatic ecosystems.

Science to Stewardship: A High School Environmental Education Program

We proudly announced the successful launch of the five-part, year-long high school program, Science to Stewardship. Thanks to generous funding from the Port of San Diego’s Environmental Education grant, we can provide comprehensive support to students over the next three years. The program, launched in August 2022 with e3 Civic High, engaged 150 ninth-grade biology students in a unique, hands-on learning experience. Through lessons on watershed dynamics, students were able to build watershed models and discuss the impact of industrialization on San Diego Bay and its surrounding environment. Science to Stewardship is just one example of our commitment to educating the next generation of environmental stewards.

Cases Won
New Lawsuits Filed
Water quality monitoring volunteers in 2016.
Collecting samples in a receiving water body.

Informing Policy-Makers for Cleaner Waters

San Diego’s rivers, streams, beaches, and bays suffered for years due to the lack of comprehensive and current data. Our work changed that.

From 2008 to 2018, we ran California’s largest volunteer-based freshwater quality monitoring program and collected valuable data on San Diego’s inland rivers and streams. We submitted this data to the California Environmental Data Exchange Network for approval by the State Water Resources Control Board and Environmental Protection Agency. They used this data in their latest 2020-2022 California Integrated Report, which “prioritizes impaired waterbodies for actions to restore water quality for human and wildlife uses,” to identify hundreds of new streams needing attention.

Our water quality monitoring data informs policy and decision-makers about the health of our waters, leading them to dedicate more cleanup, restoration, and regulation resources to keeping San Diego’s waterways clean.

An example of a municipal separate storm sewer system outfall.
An example of sediment and rainwater runoff.

Improving Stormwater Pollution Management in San Marcos

Coastkeeper and our partners at CERF recently reached an agreement with the City of San Marcos to improve its management of stormwater pollution resulting from large-scale construction projects. The agreement came after a Clean Water Act citizen lawsuit found the City violating the state’s regional stormwater discharge permit. The San Marcos Creek is a vital wildlife corridor connecting upstream and downstream habitat areas and is one of the few undeveloped natural stretches in the central San Marcos area. Without proper management, construction sites can unleash enormous amounts of fine sediment that can harm aquatic life by clogging fish gills, hindering photosynthesis, and wiping out microorganisms vital to the food web. The agreement involves the City’s investment in infrastructure improvements, capital projects, enhanced watershed assessments, and training of City staff to minimize stormwater’s impacts on local waterways, including San Marcos Creek.

Cleanup Events
Pounds of Trash and Invasive Plants Removed
Removing invasive plant species on March 26, 2022.
Riverbed cleanup on June 25, 2022.

The Otay Valley Cleanup and Restoration Series

San Diego Coastkeeper partnered with Otay Valley Regional Park and the City of San Diego to complete our first inland cleanup series. The Otay Valley Regional Park spans 8,500 acres of open space, encompassing 13 miles of waterways and supporting diverse habitats and biological communities such as salt ponds, sensitive native riparian corridors, and migratory birds. This cleanup series followed the path of the Otay River, working from inland headwaters to the coast, and was comprised of four separate events. Each event involved a cleanup, tree planting or invasive removal efforts, and educational talks from local park rangers on native plants and animals. The volunteer-led efforts provided a unique opportunity for community members to give back and help restore the park. The Otay Valley Cleanup and Restoration Series exemplifies our commitment to preserving and restoring our local environment.

Investigating Harmful “Forever” Chemicals in Our Waters

We joined forces with Sweetwater Brewing Company and Green Flash Brewing Company to participate in the Waterkeeper Alliance’s nationwide PFAS study. PFAS, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, also known as “forever” chemicals, are a group of manufactured chemicals used in consumer and industrial products for many years. They are persistent in the environment and can threaten the health of humans and wildlife. By taking samples from Chollas Creek, we gained valuable insight into the presence of these chemicals upstream and downstream in our local rivers. Through this partnership, we continued to promote clean and safe water in San Diego.

Community Events
Ellie and Lucero tabling at Jack Johnson's concert on October 7, 2022.
Lex teaching a Project SWELL environmental education lesson.

Welcoming New College Corps Fellows

In 2022, we welcomed three new College Corps fellows as part of our partnership with the University of San Diego. Ellie Skjersaa, Lex Padilla, and Lola Schettini Ramirez joined the San Diego Coastkeeper team and brought their skills and passion to support our communications, outreach, education, and science programs. As the first cohort of #CaliforniansForAll College Corps students, the fellows received a $10,000 award for their community service, which would help them pay for college. The team was excited to have these talented students on board and is eager to see the impact they would make in the coming months.

Happy Earth Hour events hosted at Pure Project Balboa Park.
Attendees enjoyed chatting about the future of clean water.

Engaging Communities During Earth Month

During April, we celebrated Earth Month by connecting with local communities and exploring the relationship between water and the region through Happy Earth Hours, an entertaining series of educational happy hours. With the support of Hunter Industries and Pure Project Balboa Park, attendees from various backgrounds and careers participated in in-depth discussions about the challenges and opportunities of water supply and pollution. Our witty hosts guided the conversation from the basics of water systems to the future of water in San Diego, covering topics such as the impact of the climate crisis and aging infrastructure and alternatives to traditional water supply methods.

Following the Happy Earth Hour events in April, we created an online story map highlighting our journey through San Diego’s water supply cycle. This in-depth water resource guide features interactive elements, including maps, visualizations, videos, and other aspects of research conducted for the series.

Participants Enrolled
Samples Collected
Bird watching in Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve.
Exploring the wetlands in search of birds and other wildlife.

Exploring the Wonders of Wetlands

In celebration of Latino Conservation Week, our BIPOC Youth Science Program teamed up with San Diego Audubon Society to participate in the Discover Your Wetlands (Descubre Sus Humedales) bike-and-bird event. Our students explored the ecological wonders of wetlands and learned about the importance of preserving these vital habitats. The journey took us to the Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve in Mission Bay, where the students could observe birds and learn about their life strategies and behavior. The students participated in hands-on activities at the reserve, including native plant seed collection and seine fishing techniques. They also shared their experiences and knowledge about water quality testing, demonstrating the impact of our program on increasing science literacy and environmental stewardship among BIPOC youth in our communities.

Taryell Simmons teaching students about types of job interviews.
Program participants exploring and hiking slot canyons.

Empowering BIPOC Youth for Environmental Careers

To support the BIPOC Youth Science Program, we partnered with professional development coach Taryell Simmons to provide five career workshops. The workshops focused on elevator pitches, interview skills, resume building, networking, and in-demand jobs. We aim to encourage program participants to build their careers in the environmental field with the tools and resources presented during these workshops. With a focus on equity and science literacy, this approach will help address barriers and provide real-world experiences to increase engagement and representation in environmental stewardship.


2022 Revenue

Foundation Grants $313,367
Individuals $291,371
Government Grants $161,181
Legal Income $519,218
Corporate Giving $80,465
Events $9,100
Other $2,411
Total $1,377,114

2022 Expenses

Programs $875,728
Other $141,792
Management and General $50,651
Total $1,068,171

Funders and Donors

Cathy Stiefel and Keith Behner

City of San Diego

Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation

Coast Law Group, LLP

Dorrance Family Foundation

Resources Legacy Fund Land – Sea Connection program made possible by the Keith Campbell Foundation for the Environment

David Welborn and Ann Hunter-Welborn

Marisla Foundation


The San Diego Foundation


County of San Diego

Cox Communications

Hervey Family Non-endowment Fund at The San Diego Foundation

MUFG Union Bank Foundation

The Elwyn Heller Foundation of San Diego


Bell’s Brewery

Fox Foundation

Jetty Extracts

M. House Family Fund

Mike and Susanna Flaster

Sand Cloud

Sekisui Diagnostics

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Val Hanke
Valentina Solomita In Memory Of Giuseppe Solomita
Venkataraman Iyer
Vicki Sternfeld-Rossi
Wasif Islam
Weston Barnes
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A staff retreat to the happiest place on Earth on April 11, 2022.
Celebrating clean water on October 26, 2022.
Phillip MusegaasExecutive Director and WaterkeeperHe/Him/His
 Matt O’Malley*Executive Director and Managing AttorneyHe/Him/His
Stephanie Ritter*Development DirectorShe/Her/Hers
Patrick McDonoughSenior AttorneyHe/Him/His
Rachele LopezDirector of ScienceShe/Her/Hers
Marie DiazMarine Programs ManagerShe/Her/Hers
Alyssa SenturkCommunications and Outreach DirectorShe/They
Lucero SanchezCommunity Policy CoordinatorShe/Her/Hers
Delanie MedinaEducation ManagerShe/Her/Hers
Jenny Cornelius*Operations and Engagement CoordinatorShe/Her/Hers
Ellie SkjersaaCollege Corps FellowShe/Her/Hers
Lex PadillaCollege Corps FellowShe/Her/Hers
Lola Schettini RamirezCollege Corps FellowShe/Her/Hers

*Left Coastkeeper in 2022 We miss you!

Chanté ColemanBoard President
Cindy Lin*Board President
Michael TortiBoard Vice President
Diane CastañedaBoard Secretary
Bruce ReznikBoard Member
Joe CallahanBoard Member
Tyler HeeBoard Member
Lee DuranBoard Treasurer
Sri CressyBoard Member
Catherine StiefelAdvisory Committee Chair
Jim PerryScience Advisor

*Left Coastkeeper in 2022. We miss you!

Our 2023 Vision

Protect Clean Water

Strengthen water quality protections against pollution and ecosystem degradation and advance climate resilience and adaptation.

Advance a Climate-Smart Water Supply for San Diego

Ensure a resilient, multi-benefit, climate-smart water supply that supports a water secure future in San Diego.

Engage and Activate the Public to Protect Clean Water

Educate the community on achieving and protecting a clean, sustainable water supply and use, and increase environmental and science literacy in San Diego.

Be the Voice for Clean Water for San Diego

Maintain and amplify our effective, influential voice for clean water in our region.

Make Equity, Justice, and Inclusion a Core Part of San Diego Coastkeeper

Build and strengthen equity, justice, and inclusion into our internal and external organizational policies and programs.

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