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The San Diego County Water Authority is governed by a 36-member Water Authority Board of Directors representing 24 member agencies. The Water Authority’s member agencies include 6 cities, 5 water districts, 3 irrigation districts, 8 municipal water districts, 1 public utility district, and 1 federal agency (military base). A member of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors also serves as a non-voting representative to the Water Authority Board. Find and contact your representative.


Coastkeeper is continuing to monitor the progress of this proposed project. You can take action today by reaching out to your representative to voice your opposition to the unnecessary abuse of public funds.

Urge your Water Authority Board Member to invest in smarter solutions that benefit our communities and build resilience. You can reach them by email using the table below.

San Diego County Water Authority Member Agencies

Distict Member Name Contact Information Previously Voted in Favor of RCS? Contact
Carlsbad Municipal Water District Keith Lewinger [email protected] Yes Send an email
Carlsbad Municipal Water District Matt Hall [email protected] Yes Send an email
Del Mar, City of Mel Katz [email protected] Yes Send an Email
Escondido, City of Consuelo Martinez [email protected] No Send an email
Fallbrook Public Utility District Jack Bebee [email protected] No Send an Email
Helix Water District Dan McMillan [email protected] New, predecessor voted No Send an Email
Lakeside Water District Frank Hilliker [email protected] No Send an Email
National City, City of Mona Rios [email protected] Yes Send an Email
Oceanside, City of Brian Boyle email not publicly available No -
Olivenhain Municipal Water District Kimberly A. Thorner [email protected] New, predecessor voted No Send an Email
Otay Water District Gary Croucher [email protected] Yes Send an Email
Otay Water District Tim Smith [email protected] Yes Send an Email
Padre Dam Municipal Water District Doug Wilson [email protected] No Send an Email
Pendleton Military Reservation John Simpson [email protected] Absent Send an Email
Poway, City of Eric Heidemann [email protected] Yes Send an Email
Rainbow Municipal Water District Tom Kennedy [email protected] No Send an Email
Ramona Water District Vacant, predecessor voted No
Rincon Del Diablo Municipal Water District James Murtland [email protected] No Send an Email
San Diego, City of Mayor Todd Gloria [email protected] The City of San Diego has 10 at-large appointed members. You can opt to email Mayor Gloria and his Chief of Staff instead. Send an Email
San Diego, City of Paola Avila (Chief of Staff) [email protected] The City of San Diego has 10 at-large appointed members. You can opt to email Mayor Gloria and his Chief of Staff instead. Send an Email
San Dieguito Water District Joe Mosca [email protected] No Send an Email
Santa Fe Irrigation District Michael T. Hogan [email protected] Absent Send an Email
South Bay Irrigation District Jose Preciado [email protected] No Send an Email
Vallecitos Water District Craig Elitharp [email protected] New, predecessor voted no Send an Email
Valley Center Municipal Water District Gary Arant [email protected] No Send an Email
Vista Irrigation Districtf Marty Miller) [email protected] Yes Send an Email
Yuima Municipal Water District Amy Reeh [email protected] No Send an Email


We have listed some helpful talking points below, but feel free to use your own experiences to back up your position.

Email subject line: I am asking you to represent me by opposing the regional conveyance system


My name is [First name Last name], and I live in [Your City]. I am contacting you to let you know that I am opposed to the regional conveyance system (RCS). I am concerned with this project for the following reasons:

*Select one or two talking points*

  • This project brings no added water to our supply and will burden us and our future generations.
  • The San Diego County Water Authority has already spent over $1.3 million in public funds to explore this destructive and expensive project.
  • The RCS pipeline would destroy miles of our precious and pristine backcountry wilderness by requiring more than 130 miles of infrastructure from Imperial Valley to San Marcos. This project would rip through the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, tunnel under the Cuyamaca mountains, churn through the Cleveland National Forest, and cross at least six active fault lines.
  • Compared to our existing water supply transportation, this pipeline would increase our energy demands by at least 40 percent due to desalination and elevation. The increase in greenhouse gas emissions would be a step in the wrong direction when fighting the climate crisis.
  • Because of droughts and rising temperatures, the Colorado River supply continues to be drop. The Water Authority must take steps to take advantage of the local water supply and increase our climate resilience.
  • Instead of spending millions of dollars in public funds on an absurdly expensive and redundant pipeline, we could invest in smarter, more cost-competitive local water supply alternatives. Alternatives like wastewater recycling, stormwater capture, green infrastructure, climate resiliency, conservation incentives, and water efficiency technology can increase local water supply and reduce reliance on imported sources by as much as 80 percent.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Congratulations, you’ve raised your voice on an important issue! You’ve fulfilled an important aspect of your civic duty. Our waters thank you.


It’s our collective responsibility to protect clean water in San Diego. We need your help to spread support for critical issues.

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