November 12 – San Diego Coastkeeper Announces Change in Leadership

Organization celebrates long list of accomplishments under Bruce Reznik’s guidance

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SAN DIEGO (November 12, 2010) – San Diego Coastkeeper announced today that Executive Director Bruce Reznik is stepping down from his position with the organization. After more than 11 years building the region’s largest professional environmental organization dedicated to protecting inland and coastal waters, Reznik begins his transition today, which includes an active role advocating for San Diego Coastkeeper and its work in the community.

“Bruce grew this organization from two people in a small office into the leading voice on water quality issues in San Diego,” said David Field, President of Coastkeeper’s Board of Directors. “The long list of accomplishments he and his team has achieved is a testament to his leadership and vision for this region.”

Reznik joined San Diego Coastkeeper as the executive director in August 1999, and in that time he led Coastkeeper to champion a series of significant improvements in the area of water quality, including:

•    Reducing sewage spills in the city of San Diego by 90 percent since 2001
•    Reducing the number of beach advisories by 77 percent countywide since 2000
•    Educating more than 160,000 children through Project SWELL
•    Engaging tens of thousands of volunteers to remove more than one million pounds of debris from area beaches and waterways
•    Building the state’s largest volunteer water quality monitoring program
•    Making the San Diego region a national leader in addressing urban runoff pollution
•    Driving the city of San Diego to undertake a demonstration project and regional study to assess the potential of using highly treated wastewater to augment local reservoirs
•    Building a vibrant environmental community and making coastal protection a larger part of the public and political dialogue.

Since its inception in 1995, Coastkeeper has protected the region’s inland and coastal waters for the communities and wildlife that depend on them. The organization employs education, community empowerment and advocacy to clean up pollution, restore damaged areas back to health and change behaviors to create more sustainable decision making.

“It has truly been a dream job leading this organization, being part of the Waterkeeper family for the past eleven years and working with an amazing Coastkeeper team, community leaders and environmental partners to make San Diego a better place to live and work,” said Reznik. “It’s time for me to pursue the next chapter in my professional career; I look forward to San Diego Coastkeeper continuing its legacy as an environmental powerhouse in the region.”

Legal Director Gabriel Solmer, who has worked at Coastkeeper for seven years, will step into a leadership role to guide the organization through the transitional period while the board of directors searches for a new executive director.


Founded in 1995, San Diego Coastkeeper protects the region’s inland and coastal waters for the communities and wildlife that depend on them by blending education, community empowerment and advocacy. For more information, visit Coastkeeper’s website at localhost/sdcoastkeeper.