May 18 – Coastkeeper Advises City, Mayor to Revise Flooding Plan

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San Diego Coastkeeper and environmental group partners respond to Mayor Jerry Sander’s press conference today, in which he supported the City’s efforts to prevent flooding by progressing with a master permit to clear storm channels throughout San Diego.

Coastkeeper’s Legal Director Gabriel Solmer said, “We believe that flood control and water quality protection are not mutually exclusive; we reject the Master Maintenance Program as too expensive, vague, and ineffective. We look forward to working with the City Council to craft solutions that will protect downstream residents, save the City money, treat stormwater as the resource it is, and provide meaningful public participation to help the Stormwater Department meet its goals.”

Attached is a fact sheet that environmental groups presented to the Planning Commission detailing feedback and shortfalls of the plan and their recommended next steps.

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