FLOW: The surprising journey of trash from land to sea
Length: 1:30

Have you ever wondered how litter and pollution end up at the beach or in our ocean? Learn how our actions inland can have an impact on our coast. Also available in Spanish and Tagalog/Filipino.

Pollution in San Diego
Suggested Grade Level: 1st – 8th

In Pollution in San Diego, we discuss pollutants found in San Diego County, talk about where they originate, and explore their effect on humans, wildlife, and marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

Watershed Basics
Length: 1:40
Suggested Grade Level: 6th

In Watershed Basics, we define watersheds, provide a visual representation of a watershed, and identify the watersheds that make up San Diego County.

“Make Your Watershed”
Classroom Activity Demo
Length: 5:58
Suggested Grade Level: 6th

In this demonstration video, San Diego Coastkeeper shows how to lead an activity to help students better understand how water may still be polluted, even if it doesn’t look like it. This video is meant to help educators prepare to lead their students in the activity.

Length: 2:14
Suggested Grade Level: 3rd-6th

What do plastics in the ocean have in common with a grain of rice? Find out in this video that explores plastic pollution and its effect on marine life.