Whole Food Donates for Clean Beaches

If you’ve ever considered stocking up on supplies, do it APRIL 6 at the Hillcrest Whole Foods. You never know when disaster might strike!  It’s best to stay safe with tons of vitamins and canned organic soups stocked deep in your cupboards.

Why April 6?  Well, Whole Foods is making good on their commitment to their community and the environment by donating 5% of their sales to Coastal Cleanup Day .

Coastal Cleanup Day is an event held every September that unites more than 10,000 San Diego volunteers at 85 coastal and inland sites to round trash across the county.  In 2010 over 148,000 lbs of garbage was intercepted before hitting the ocean. San Diego Coastkeeper and I Love A Clean San Diego , two leading San Diego environmental nonprofits, in partnership with the California Coastal Commission, organize this massive grassroots event to engage individual communities in the protection of their local “backyard;” whether that be a beach, a creek, or a street with storm drains that drain to the ocean.

Apparently enough shoppers and employees have expressed concern for San Diego beaches, because Whole Foods reached out to Coastkeeper to get involved.  Then again, Whole Foods is not your average grocery store.  Yes, they are a “chain” business, but what sets them apart is their common commitment to their local community and real concern for the environment.  The market was founded on a set of core values that keeps each store accountable and responsible to their greater, holistic goal of keeping their community healthy.  CCDcleanup2_MeierOne of the ways they show how they care is by reaching out to local organizations and giving a minimum of 5% of their profits every year to support their neighborly non-profits.  Whole Foods has been donating to the Coastal Cleanup Day for the past 5 years, allowing the event to have a greater impact by preventing marine debris from entering our waterways.

In supporting Whole Foods on Wednesday April 6, you will really be investing in a cleaner San Diego.  When you buy your Earth Day party favors or Coachella snacks, your money will go further than the expiration dates on your perishables.  It will be supporting the beaches that you love to frolic on and the sea you dip in.  Give back with Whole Foods this month and help make the 2011 Coastal Cleanup Day a WHOLE lot better!