Water Quality 2016: Pueblo Watershed

Water Quality Index Score: 56, Marginal

The small, urban Pueblo watershed includes parts of the cities of La Mesa, Lemon Grove, National City, and San Diego.  Home to Chollas and Palleta Creeks, the watershed drains the most highly developed parts our region into San Diego Bay.  Water quality in these creeks is highly impacted by urban runoff; with many of the indicators we measure regularly exceeding the water quality standards.  The volunteers also note that the sites they visit each month are consistently plagued with large volumes of trash.

How to read our water quality pie charts:  these handy charts are designed to give you a sense of which of the factors we measured contributed to the overall water quality score (the number in the center) for each watershed. The size/color of the pie slice gets larger/warmer with increased frequency and magnitude of deviations from good water quality standards for each indicator.