Water Quality 2015: Pueblo Watershed

Water Quality 2015 - Dieguito (1)

Water Quality Index Score: 56, Marginal

Pueblo Polar 2015A few key takeaways from our Pueblo Watershed data:

As this watershed is home to Chollas Creek, one of San Diego’s most urban rivers, these results aren’t unexpected. The high phosphorous and ammonia levels in this watershed are a common result of urban runoff, when rain washes pollutants, like lawn fertilizers and pesticides, down our storm drains and into our rivers and streams.

This creek is also infamous for drying up, so our dataset is missing many samples throughout the year. In fact, more sites went dry this year than any other year in Coastkeeper’s recent sampling history here. All signs point toward poorer water quality than shown with the samples that we could collect. With more flow and more samples, this watershed probably would have earned a Poor Water Quality Index Score.

Water Quality Index Score Explanation