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Fighting Climate Change From Your Backyard

Against the backdrop of another historic drought, a group of climate-conscious homeowners hit the streets to learn about capturing rainwater, greywater systems, and thoughtful landscaping. On Saturday, September 18, the San Diego Sustainable Living Institute, CatchingH2O, and San Diego Coastkeeper hosted the third annual water harvesting bicycle tour, Ride the Tide.

Councilmember Joe LaCava Ride the Tide 2021 San Diego Coastkeeper

The morning began with opening remarks from Coastkeeper and Councilmember Joe LaCava highlighting the importance of individual actions alongside regional efforts to improve local water supply, water quality, and climate resilience.

Participants explored five home gardens striving for sustainability in the University City neighborhood. Greywater systems with names like “laundry to landscape” and “showers to flowers” illustrated the potential for water reuse and recycling to grow food, irrigate plants, and beautify neighborhoods. Homeowners and experts also addressed permitting, budget, and other construction factors associated with the water harvesting projects.

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Water Harvesting Bike Tour San Diego Coastkeeper Ride the Tide

Clean Water Now San Diego Coastkeeper Ride the Tide

The event concluded with a neighborhood park cleanup in conjunction with the 37th annual Coastal Cleanup Day and the relaunch of the City of San Diego’s Think Blue initiative.

Thank you to our partners, volunteers, event sponsors, attendees, and supporters who helped make this event a clean water success!