Walking the Walk

bike_to_workCongratulations to San Diego Coastkeeper, San Diego Region’s Rideshare 2011 Corporate Challenge Winners!

As part of the Rideshare 2011 Corporate Challenge, staff members cycled, carpooled or telecommuted to reduce pollution, conserve energy and burn some calories. Together with others throughout the County, we collectively cut out 1.5 million vehicle miles during the month of October.

Between the Rideshare Corporate Challenge and May’s Bike to Work Month Corporate Challenge, here’s how Coastkeeper staff has reduced our impact to the planet from our commute to work (in just May and October alone!):

  • 26 gallons of gas saved
  • 634 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions avoided
  • 8,670 pounds of carbon monoxide emissions avoided
  • 591 pounds of hydrocarbons saved
  • 705 single occupancy vehicle miles avoided

Countywide, the numbers for October’s commuter challenge are impressive:  67,066 gallons of gas saved; 1.3 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions reduced; $910,657 in fuel and vehicle maintenance costs saved.

This goes to show that while our individual effort may not seem to make much of a difference, when we all do a little, we can have a huge impact. To learn more about bike commuting and other ways to reduce your commuting impact, check out SANDAG’s iCommute website.  To read more about Coastkeeper’s cycling passion, check out posts by Victor and Jamie!