Vote Yes on Prop 21

If only our state’s budget were as pristine and inspiring as its parks. Imagine vast expanses of green, flowing cash as far as the eye can see, enough to pay for all kinds of awesome projects like better schools and functioning public transportation. Yeah…well, at least we’ll always have our state parks to go relax and get a break from all the other headshaking nonsense. Or will we?

Over the last several years, the state’s budget has consistently reduced park funding. Apparently some people consider our state parks to be a luxury rather than the communal necessity that they are. Fortunately, concerned citizens can defend and fund our parks ourselves!

On Nov. 2 and vote YES on Prop 21 (NO EXCUSES!!). Prop 21 will require every California registered vehicle to pay a small additional fee that will directly fund state parks. I can hear some of you grumbling about another tax and a tough economy. I hear you (believe me, I’m not exactly rollin’ in dough), but this is well worth it. For $18 a year per vehicle we can collectively generate $500 million in revenue. That money will not get tied up in the general budget. We’ll exclusively spend it on our state parks–this means that no matter what terrible shenanigans go down elsewhere, we’ll always have great places to escape to!

Prop 21 will also provide all California residents with FREE day access to all parks. Anyone ever forked out $10 to park at Cardiff or San-O? Ever done it twice in a week? Your $18 just paid for itself! And do I need to mention the family trips to Big Sur that you dream of?

Remember those underwater state parks you all have fought so diligently create? Prop 21 will also help fund enforcement of the new marine protected areas that the Marine Life Protection Act will establish.

Our state parks, on land and in our coastal waters, set California apart. They are a cornerstone of our heritage and a symbol of hope for our future.

And hey, if that is not reason enough for you to vote YES on Prop 21, well maybe this little Prop 21 endorsement from a some cool guy named Mickey Hart (from band called the Grateful Dead, ever heard of them?) will help sway your opinion.

Yes for State Parks! Yes on Prop 21.