Turning Marine Debris into Art

Into the Current by Janis Selby Jones

This sculpture on display in front of The Wave Waterpark in Vista is made from trash removed from beaches around the world. Into the Current, is created by Janis Selby Jones, a teacher, artist and passionate San Diego Coastkeeper volunteer, with help from beach cleanup volunteers from around the world. 

The sculpture depicts the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a vortex in the Pacific Ocean where billions of pieces of plastic debris are collected by ocean currents in a giant mass. The public art serves to remind us of the plastic poisoning our ocean and that we can all make a difference. Janis says the three outer sections—or fins— represent the movement of the ocean’s currents. The spiral and circle at the center signify the swirling of marine debris as it moves toward our ocean’s “trash vortex.”

To learn more about this piece and her future art projects, visit Janis’ blog, Shoresweep.