Tips for Day Without a Bag Dec. 15

bagdayWhile purchasing gifts and tasty goodies for our loved ones this holiday season, let’s help the environment while helping the economy. We’ve learned about eco-groovy wrapping ideas, but what about the impact from the single-use bags you get during all those trips to the store?

Local environmental organizations, along with most cities across San Diego County, are taking leadership in promoting the reusable bag movement by participating in Day Without A Bag. Annually, on the third Thursday of December, retailers and volunteers distribute about 25,000 reusable bags during the busiest shopping hours of 5:00 – 7:00 pm. This helps get more bags to those who need them, and reminds shoppers of the importance of bringing your own on every shopping trip.

There are many good tricks to remember your bags, but my personal suggestion is simple: GET BAGS YOU LIKE. If the big bulky made-in-china bags aren’t cutting it, then check out colorful and stuffable/foldable bags from brands like ChicoBag or Envirosax. They are much more portable and easy to throw in your car door or your purse (some even come with carabiner clips!).

Remember, this is all for the ocean, people! When we remove thousands of plastic bags from our beaches and canyons each year, know that trash in our coast ends up as plastic pollution. But bringing your own reusable bag is the easiest way possible to go green. And if you snatch a free bag on Day Without A Bag, you will save some green as well.