The hardest decision in my Coastkeeper history

BRuce_Reznik_blogChange can be a good thing.

Today I announced my departure from Coastkeeper, an organization that I’ve had the pleasure to lead for the past 11 years.  I am stepping down as Executive Director immediately, though I’ll continue to work as an advocate for the organization and its work. In my time at the helm, I’ve watched our organization transition from Baykeeper to Coastkeeper, achieve amazing successes, and grow our staff from two into an entire office full of environmental experts. We’ve become a large family dedicated to protecting the waters in San Diego, and one that I’ve grown to love.

Since 1995, together with you, we’ve won many environmental victories for our region. We have successfully helped to educate children, remove trash from beaches and waterways, improve stormwater regulations, build a water quality monitoring program, advocate for sustainable policies, reduce sewage spills and beach advisories and so much more. Together, we have built a vibrant environmental community that makes coastal protection a larger part of the public and political conversation.

And for that, I’m thrilled.

It is with this solid base and stellar reputation that we’ve built for Coastkeeper, I know that the organization will continue to safeguard the community’s waters. I look forward to my next adventure, and the organization looks forward to its next decade.

Today is a day of change, and it’s good.