Teaching Environmental Awareness to Aspiring Young Lifeguards

environmental.educationHave you ever fished in a kiddy pool, participated in a recycle relay, monitored water quality or played environmental Jeopardy? Hundreds of aspiring San Diego Junior Lifeguards did. They got to experience first hand how to recycle batteries, old cell phones and plastic and glass bottles; to experience hands-on how to test our water for pollutants; and what they can do to lesson negative impacts on the environment during a special day dedicated to environmental education.

San Diego Coastkeeper; San Diego Junior Lifeguards; I Love A Clean San Diego; City of San Diego Environmental Services; and City of San Diego Water Department participated in Think Blue, City of San Diego’s 2nd annual Junior Lifeguard Environmental Awareness Day this summer to teach aspiring young lifeguards ways to prevent pollution and keep our coast healthy. In addition to learning important lifesaving techniques, Junior Lifeguards learned how to keep San Diego’s ocean and bays healthy too.

My favorite memory for this year’s event was the enthusiasm each participant brought to the education stations. Their positive energy was contagious!

Junior.lifeguardsCoastkeeper enjoys participating in education and outreach events like Jr. Lifeguard Environmental Awareness Day because we get to interact with more children and families and teach them important conservation information. One of the best things about being an educator is the opportunity to watch kids get it – seeing their eyes widen and watching a big smile crawl on their face.

We love helping children learn how to personally take action to protect our natural resources to make San Diego’s beaches, ocean and bays healthier places to live and enjoy.