Take a Survey to Protect Del Mar Beaches

My name is Derek Kiy, and I am a junior at Canyon Crest Academy. When I began the conceptualization of an Eagle Scout project, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to make a legitimate impact on the community. I contacted San Diego Coastkeeper regarding a project proposal, and they jumped on the opportunity to guide me through the process. This project aims to rid Del Mar of Styrofoam takeout containers through the education of the community.

The first step on this odyssey is a survey that we, Coastkeeper and I, have worked on to gauge public opinion regarding Styrofoam takeout containers in Del Mar. The data regarding the prevalence, usage and preference of the containers will prove to be paramount. The analysis of the data we collect will allow us to craft the best educational tools, strategies and materials to help Del Mar residents learn about the negative environmental effects of polystyrene containers.

Through our education, we aim to inform the community of the huge and unnecessary cost of the plastic foam usage. Any and all participation in the survey is greatly appreciated so please, I implore you to spread this survey to your friends, family or anybody else you know.

By enabling the gathering of data, you become crusader for a cleaner and healthier Del Mar. This city’s identity is so closely tied to it pristine waters that it only makes sense to guard those waters so everyone who spends time in Del Mar may enjoy the coast it has become renowned for. Helping Del Mar’s coast is not a matter of moving mountains, but rather taking small steps and actions to make a huge difference.

Want to help with my efforts? Take this short survey about Styrofoam in San Diego. Thank you!