Sun, Kayaks and Reddish Egrets

On a beautiful, sunny San Diego winter day, Community Advisory Council members Harry Orgovan and Margarita Diaz took kayaks out at the Chula Vista Wildlife Reserve. The refuge is 316 acres of salt marsh and coastal uplands. Over 90 percent of San Diego Bay’s wetlands have been filled in, drained or diked.


Margarita, who represents the Tijuana community on the council, took her kids along on the kayak trip.


The reserve provides a habitat for endangered and threatened species. The birds pictured below are the Great Egret and Reddish Egret.


According to Harry, the South Bay is home to many different species of shore birds and raptors (Osprey, Kites, Harriers) and local Pacific Green Sea Turtles. The Bay is home to a group of around 60-80 Pacific Green Sea Turtles, which forage on eelgrass year round. South San Diego Bay is also an important part of the Pacific Flyway which is used by birds during the changing seasons. At any time of the year, though, you will see many types of shorebirds and birds of prey in their natural habitat


Harry is the owner of Chula Vista Kayak and would love to take you on a kayak adventure too!