"Sprinkle" Our Ocean with Cupcakes

Earth-Day-CupcakesWhat is better than treating your taste buds and saving our planet?

With Earth Day around the corner, it is a good time to ponder what I am doing to reduce my footprint on the world and make it a better place.

First thing that comes to my mind is a checklist: yes on reusable water bottle, cutting showers in half, trips to the farmers market, Planet Earth marathons and biking around town. How do I become a true environmentalist? What about standing behind an organization that is on the front line of environmental conservation in San Diego?  And now I can support my passion of clean water by indulging in great cupcakes.

With one bite of a delicious Vanilla Earth Day Cupcake, you can contribute to San Diego Coastkeeper’s mission of protecting the coastline. The new Sprinkles location in La Jolla has chosen San Diego Coastkeeper as its environmental non profit organization to support on Earth Day. Exactly 100% of the proceeds from the Earth Day cupcakes go to Coastkeeper and our efforts to empower change in the community.

If you are proactive in planning your Earth Day celebrations, the cupcakes will be a nice addition to your tree planting party, eco-friendly picnic or all-green cocktail party. Spread awareness of protecting our blue planet while having the best desserts in town.

Save the date: April 18-22. Get in line, place an order to indulge in your sweet tooth and support a worthwhile cause.

If you fall in love with the salivating cupcakes, do not blame me, thank Mother Nature.