Preview! Fine art at the Seaside Soiree

Have you checked your calendar? San Diego Coastkeeper’s 16th annual fundraiser: the Seaside Soiree is right around the corner! Start filling those little piggy banks because this year we will be featuring four amazing artists in our silent auction and for the right price, you can take a piece of them home.

A piece of their art, that is.

We know you put a lot of thought into your home and office decor, so we’re giving you online and gallery options to preview these beautiful pieces.

Abe-and-Myles-art-at-Re-GalleryWell known international nature photographer, Abe Ordover, brings you one of his “ripple” photos (left image at left) to this year’s silent auction. Combining his passion for photography with the power of technology, Abe Ordover’s finished pieces will take your breath away. Interested in an Abe Ordover overload? His Gallery and Studio is conveniently located in Solana Beach, California. And until November 3, you can preview the auction piece, which is hanging at Re-Gallery on Cedros. (Bonus: attend the Soiree and you can also enter to win a personalized photography master class with Abe.) 100% of proceeds benefit San Diego Coastkeeper. [Approximate value: $450]

Renowned local photographer and design guru Myles McGuinness presents a trifecta of surf themed wood prints (right image at left). Myles grew up traveling as a child, always living somewhere near water – either in the form of liquid or snow. He continues that tradition as part of the growing art and culture movement in Oceanside (attend his latest opening on Nov. 3). For someone who lives by the motto, “always go the extra mile,” you can certainly see the extra miles he put into his auction pieces, which you can see at Re-Gallery until November 3. “Sunset Glide” (8″x12″) (to be auctioned at the Seaside Soiree), plus “Terra Mar Glide” (12″x12″) and “Hidden Peak” (12″x12″) have a combined value of $1,100. 100% of proceeds benefit San Diego Coastkeeper.


Master glassblower James Stone of Stone and Glass will create a unique hand blown glass chair especially for this event. With all the sea life elements around you, you’ll feel like King Poseidon himself! James Stone combines his ocean-themed art with glass not just for beauty, but for a purpose. He wants people to realize that the ocean and everything in it, is a delicate ecosystem and we need to start treating it with a lot more TLC. What better way to get this issue across than through beautiful glass art… that you can sit on. James’ studio gallery is open to the public at the Bernardo Winery. [retail value: $12,000; opening bid: $8,000; 40-50% of proceeds benefit San Diego Coastkeeper]

Wyland "Dolphin Tribe"

Wyland never fails to delight and inspire. Here in San Diego Wyland Galleries Seaport Village is a magical realm of underwater imagery and sculpture. His whaling walls bring the sea to life in San Diego and Mission Beach. For the Seaside Soiree, Wyland donated a limited edition, signed and numbered lithograph, Dolphin Tribe. You’ll want to frame it and put it up where these playful ocean friends greet you every day. 100% of proceeds benefit San Diego Coastkeeper. [value: $1,210]

With the inspirational art of these four unforgettable artists, the Seaside Soiree is guaranteed to be a hit. So get dressed up, grab a drink, enjoy the ocean and we’ll meet you at the tables.

Our auction tables, of course.

Inquiries about the art can be directed to San Diego Coastkeeper at [email protected] or 619-758-7743 x103.