San Diego Sewage Spill: What Happens to the Fish?

In our on-going efforts to monitor the effects of the massive sewage spill into Los Penasquitos Lagoon, today I went out with a state park ranger (Scat), who works in the lagoon. We went sampling along the length of the affected area in the lagoon. He described how the dark grey water looked different than the normal brown, tea-colored water.

He told me an unforunate story about schools of mullet fish that he’d see in the lagoon, but he hasn’t seen them sense the spill. Watch his video.

I also spoke with some folks from the city and the Regional Water Quality Control Board who said that they are pumping the water out until their tests come back clean. The Regional Board said they are using Coastkeeper’s monitoring data for the past 3 years as the baseline data.

Thanks to all of our dedicated volunteers for the past three years who helped us gather that information. It’s more important than ever!