San Diego 6 Invites Megan In Studio to Talk Clear Blue 2012

MeganSanDiego6Today, our wonderful Megan Baehrens, Coastkeeper’s executive director, paid a visit to San Diego 6 morning show to talk about Clear Blue 2012. Besides the fun activities we have planned for the event, Megan also talked about why this celebration is so important.

So what’s Clear Blue 2012 about? It’s the appreciation of the legislative laws that keep San Diego’s waters safe and awareness about pollution problems our waters face.

For example, Megan shared about urban runoff, San Diego’s #1 water quality problem, which poses a continuous threat to our waters, even during the summer. The good thing is–you can help prevent it. Watch the video to see what you can do.

Clear Blue 2012 also celebrates Clean Water Act’s 40th anniversary. This act has had your back for the past 40 years, preventing pollution discharge into the oceans, rivers and creeks. With your donations, volunteer work and support, Coastkeeper keeps the laws protecting your waters afloat by fighting to keep them active and untouchable by the polluters.

Clear Blue 2012 is fun–let’s celebrate our clean waters that we work so hard to protect.

That’s right: we work hard and play hard. Join us in celebration this Sunday, Aug. 5 from noon – 5 p.m. at Mission Bay’s Ventura Cove to have some fun in the sun and spread awareness of how to keep our waters swimmable, fishable and drinkable.