Not Your Average Cleanup

rowing_among_litter_chinaIf you ever gaze out into the ocean after a rain event, you probably notice the cool crisp air, the clarity over the water, the sound of birds chirping in the nearby trees. But do you ever notice the trash? It is no secret that just a little bit of rain can lead to a great amount of trash from our street gutters into the ocean.  It’s definitely a sad sight. But have no fear, I have a fantastic way to keep this pollution problem from sitting in the ocean while having the most awesome time on the water!

No, I am not about to suggest flopping into the water after a rainy day, only to emerge with arms full of trash and an ear ache or sore throat. What I WILL suggest is hopping on a kayak and having your very own beach cleanup on the water (the folks in Tampa Bay know how to get it done)!  There’s nothing fancy about it. Bring a net, bucket or a reusable bag and fill it up!  Not only will you get a chance to get out on the water, but you’ll be doing our coastline and ecosystem a huge favor.  You don’t need to be a pro kayaker either. If you are still learning the ropes of paddling out on the open seas, there are plenty of calm launch sites around Mission Bay or in Batiquitos Lagoon that could desperately use some cleanup efforts after a good amount of rain.

In the end, a glorious day in San Diego, whether or not it has been raining, can be had on the water. That is, by boat, kayak, paddle board, canoe or jet ski, our oceanic playground is magical and could always use a helping hand.

Are you interested in organizing an on the water beach cleanup? Check out our beach cleanup program and contact [email protected] to learn more about how San Diego Coastkeeper can help organize a one of a kind cleanup for you and your friends.