Manuka Wants to Know: How Are You Water?

Maunuka-sofullycoverWe at Manuka are stoked to announce the most ultimately rad giveaway of a Seth Pettersen album and Manuka T-shirt and the official collaboration of Manuka with San Diego Coastkeeper! As you know, through passionate efforts using education, empowerment and advocacy, San Diego Coastkeeper works to protect inland and coastal waters. And it is because of its success in doing so that Manuka feels honored to collaborate in raising funds for the protection of Mother Ocean.

Today, we present the challenge for the ultimate prize of our giveaway.

Manuka-OilSpillShirtThe best response to the following question will win the Seth Pettersen album “So Fully” as well as a free “Oil Spills Don’t Make Good Waves” Manuka t-shirt. Answers will be judged on creativity and relation to Mother Ocean (you can find good ways to do this at San Diego Coastkeeper‘s website). Second place gets a pack of San Diego Coastkeeper stickers and a high five! Email your responses by Dec. 16 to [email protected].

And the question is: How are you “water” as defined in Seth Pettersen’s song “We Are Water“?

The other super cool thing about today is that you can start helping out San Diego Coastkeeper buy purchasing Manuka’s “Oil Spills Don’t Make Good Waves” t-shirt for $18.00. We’ll donate $4 from every tee to San Diego Coastkeeper.

For if Seth is water, so is Manuka…and you should be too.