Keeping the Boat on Course

I can fully declare the Coastkeeper boating outreach program is officially in action. After months of arming ourselves with knowledge about environmental issues involving and impacting the boating community, recruiting a team of five volunteer boat captains, and learning how to find boaters to talk to on the water, our figurative anchors are away and we’re full steam ahead.  Pardon the nauti talk if you will (as in nautical of course).

kona-kai-marine-sLast week, we had what you might consider our first day of formal outreach on the water.  We had some great conversations with recreational boaters, talked to three underwater hull cleaners about the best management practices for reducing copper pollution and even talked with a suspected sewage pump out violater about how dangerous that habit really is.

It was one good day and the boating world, even in San Diego, is a big place.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, but we’ve got the right blend of legal advocacy, empowerment and education to keep the ship on course and an eye on the horizon.

If you are a member of the boating community and want to get involved with our program, please get in touch. We are always looking for more volunteer boat captains and business/organizations with which we can partner to improve environmental awareness in this important community.