Earth Day 2012: Join a CSA


This tip is part of San Diego Coastkeeper’s Earth Day blog series running through April 22, 2012.

A CSA is an acronym for “community supported agriculture.” What this means to me is that I buy my vegetables from my neighbors. And while I support local business, I also get organic vegetables that are better for me and my family. And I’m getting what’s grown in season in San Diego, which guarantees I’ll get a variety of veggies to spruce up my dinner plate.

The great thing about CSAs is that you can find them all over the county with different types of delivery or pick up options. They come in full boxes, half boxes and every-other-week boxes, which means you can find a size and delivery date/time that works with your schedule. You can even split a box with your neighbor–see more neighborly bonding.

Ourt staff recently signed up to be an office drop off for Suzie’s Farm. Now, the farm drops off vegetable boxes right to our office.

One thing that I have found fun with my CSA is to “google” two of the vegetables and search for new recipes. If I do this once a week, I easily use all of the vegetables in my CSA, and I’ve opened my dietary world to a whole new wonder of delicious dishes. And it’s fun.

Want to start today? Visit this online list of San Diego CSAs.