How to Get More Bang for Your Buck

Moneytree4So you want to help protect and restore our environment, but you’re not sure which organization to donate to? New research shows that your dollars go farther at small, local grassroots organizations than they do at large national environmental groups. The report, by the National Committee for Responsible Philanthropy observes that the national environmental groups have seen relatively little success trying to achieve change from the top-town. The author concludes that true change will be achieved by local, grassroots organizations that are directly impacted by environmental harms because those people “have the passion and perseverance to mobilize and demand change.”

The staff here at San Diego Coastkeeper has the passion and perseverance to find ways to solve our local pollution problems. Here are a few ways that we have protected our environment over the past several months:

  • Our water quality monitoring volunteers discovered sewage pooled in Los Penasquitos Lagoon after the September 2011 power outage. Our staff reported the problem to the authorities, who then had the sewage pumped out of the lagoon. Plus, the City just recommended installing backup generators at the site to prevent a power-outage spill from happening there again.
  • We worked with community members and the local press to draw attention to contaminated soil and auto shredder waste being stored at Pacific Steel, Inc. in National City (watch the TV coverage here). The company has finally started removing the waste more than 7 years after a court ordered them to clean it up.
  • After spotting water pollution issues at the San Salvador site at Spanish Landing, we worked with officials from the Port Tenants’ Association and the Maritime Museum to address the problems. Just weeks later, the construction site boasted numerous innovative solutions to prevent sawdust and other construction materials from entering San Diego Bay.

Like the work we’re doing? Donate now and help us to continue to protect and restore our waters.