Get More Green From Your Workout

Are you striving to a better health and sustainable lifestyle? If so, let me introduce you to some ways you can green up your workout. Whether you like to work out in the gym or outside, there are natural ways to make your road to health rewarding in many more ways.

  • Choose to reuse. Easy and convenient way to fulfill your thirst is to have reusable water bottle. Avoiding single-use plastics will lessen the plastic waste from your end and encourage others to do the same. Stainless steel or reusable BPA-free water bottles are your best options. Today, you can buy BPA-free water bottles almost anywhere.
  • Buy organic clothes. Choosing right clothing for your workout is essential for your skin to breathe and your overall comfort. The best option is to wear 100% cotton jerseys or natural fleece, which will draw away moisture and heat away from your skin.
  • Recycling and your shoes. Buying shoes made from recycled materials is a way to go. Plus, if you have old shoes, know that you have options to recycle them. There are recycling programs available and charities that would put them to use by giving it to homeless.
  • Fuel up on the green. Skip those sugary or aspartame-filled energy drinks and granola bars – they will slow you down more than energize you. It’s better to snack on organic fruits, vegetables and nuts, or organic energy bars made with real ingredients.
  • Get a biodegradable yoga mat. If you like to workout outside or at the yoga studio, you might like to invest in a rubber or cotton mat that is made from renewable resources. Aside of being biodegradable, this mat will keep you away from the harmful chemicals found in most yoga mats. Invest in a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) mat, which is PVC-free, anti-slip and durable.
  • Find more rewards in exercising. Make your routine more rewarding – exercise for an eco-friendly cause. You can attend one of Coastkeeper’s beach cleanups, or volunteer to clean a local park, or plant trees. Also, national parks offer great volunteer opportunities like building or maintaining walking and biking trails. There are also cool opportunities like serving on bike pr horseback patrols.

While caring for yourself, try choosing greener options to care for the environment. Small changes matter. While we can’t ban everything that is polluting our environment, we can act sustainably to do our part. In the end, we will be rewarded in more than one way!

Do you know any other ways that can make your workout greener?