Five Ways to be Environmentally Conscious this Halloween

Each year, Halloween generates a lot of trash. Whether it’s candy wrappers or spider web decorations, landfills typically take on a scary amount of reusable materials. Here are a few simple suggestions on how you can reduce your footprint this Halloween.

1. Save your decorations

Rather than buy a few new bags of synthetic spider webs each year, why not bunch up all that polyester and toss it in the basement? It lasts for years and years, and it’s easy enough to stretch back out next October. Make sure your decorations stick around, they may become scarier with each year that passes.

2. Use your pumpkin for something more than just carving

Pie? Roasted seeds? Don’t just turn your pumpkin into a Jack O’Lantern, let it feed you, too! Find simple, delicious pumpkin recipes online and become increasingly popular when you roast your neighbors some seeds. And after you’ve gutted your pumpkin and Halloween is over, make sure you compost it instead of tossing it in the trashcan.

3. Thrift store a costume

Still have no idea what you’re going to be for Halloween? Take a trip to Goodwill and get creative. Spend a few minutes walking the isles and something will call out to you. Thrift stores also often carry many kid’s costumes and have large Halloween sections once October hits. You’ll save a ton of money, likely find something unique, and will be giving an old costume a new home. Plus, it’s a great place to donate your costume when you’re done this year.

4. Costume swap

If you couldn’t find anything good at the thrift store, there’s still no reason to go out and buy a new costume. Organize a costume swap on Facebook or through email. List the old costumes that you may have, and encourage your friends to do the same. Chances are you’ll find something that will work for you.

5. Use a pillowcase to collect the goods

Those plastic Jack O’Lantern candy pales are cheaply made and usually crack and end up in landfills. Use a pillowcase instead! Kids can decorate them any way they want, even to match their costume. It will last for years, and can hold a lot more candy than those traditional candy buckets.

These are just a few suggestions. In what ways have you reduced your footprint on Halloween? Tell us in the comments!