Fireworks over Water

fireworks over water san diego

Fireworks Over Water: We understand the historic nature of and the public’s fondness for fireworks displays and want to ensure those displays occur in a way that doesn’t compromise water quality. 


San Diego Coastkeeper understands that fireworks displays are a time honored tradition often used to celebrate such holidays as New Year Eve and the Fourth of July.  San Diego Coastkeeper does not want to see fireworks displays end but rather wants to ensure that displays are not a danger to water quality by requiring that they are conducted in appropriate areas and in a manner consistent with existing laws.1 San Diego Coastkeeper supports a permitting process for all fireworks displays which occur over, or adjacent to, surface waters.  Such a permit must cover small and large displays in all locations whether they are used once or multiple times a year.  A robust water quality monitoring program is also crucial to a useful permit and will provide data to quantify the effects fireworks shows have on our environment.  Our goal is to see the tradition of fireworks shows continue in a responsible way which will not pollute our regional waters.

Please down the complete PDF of our position on fireworks in San Diego.

1Areas that would not be considered appropriate include, but are not limited to, ecologically sensitive areas such as Areas of Special Biological Significance (ASBS), ecological preserves, or sensitive nesting locations.