Explore the Underwater World



“How inappropriate to call this planet Earth, when it clearly should be named Ocean.”
— Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Imagine exploring another world just beneath the surface of the ocean. As you enter the blue water you see sunlight streaming through majestic stalks of giant kelp and know you are in for a great dive. You head to the bottom of the ocean and start looking for colorful creatures including nudibranchs, anemones and fish hiding in crevices.

While diving, there is nothing quite like the exhilaration of seeing a shark swim gracefully by you, the humor in a curious Harbor Seal peering over your shoulder or the awe in watching dozens of playful sea lions whizzing by you. I feel so fortunate that I get to explore the underwater world and see these strange and beautiful creatures. SCUBA diving is why I chose a career working to protect marine and coastal resources. I want to be a voice for the ocean, and do what I can to protect this amazing world and the animals that call it home.

Right now, you have the chance to make history and support stronger, expanded marine protected areas in southern California. It is imperative that we protect these special places for future generations to enjoy.

Now, call a buddy, don your gear, and explore San Diego’s underwater world. I know I will soon!

If you want to help protect the Yosemite’s of the sea:
•    Write the Fish & Game Commission to tell them to select strong marine protected areas in San Diego
•    Eat sustainable Seafood
•    Volunteer for a beach cleanup, water monitoring or our volunteer core