Eight Ways to Support Clean Water While Celebrating the Holidays

This holiday season, you can make a difference for the health of our rivers, creeks, canyons, beaches, bays, and ocean. By San Diego Coastkeeper directly, or considering one of these great local companies when you are doing your Christmas shopping and decorating, you will be supporting clean water, showing your love for the coast, and ensuring our local rivers flow #TrashFreeToTheSea. Here are eight things you can do today to get in the holiday spirit and make a difference at the same time. 


Become a Member

Your investment will help advance the protection of clean water across San Diego County for the habitats, wildlife, and communities that depend on it. You can give the gift of clean water with a one-time donation or monthly recurring donation for yourself or in honor of a loved one. Join the movement

Amazon Smile

Amazon.com. The one-stop-shop online store for all your gifting (and everyday) needs. It’s already convenient, but with Amazon Smile it’s impactful too. By using Amazon Smile as you would use the regular site, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase when you choose San Diego Coastkeeper as your charitable organization, at no additional cost to you. All you need to do is remember to go to smile.amazon.com when shopping online. Start “Smiling” Here.

Sand Cloud 

Sand Cloud is a local, San Diego-grown company dedicated to protecting our waters with unique beach towels and beach apparel. When you purchase items from Sand Cloud, a portion of your purchase is donated to Coastkeeper. We know that in San Diego, you can never have too many beach towels, so go on and support towels that give back. Shop on!


We all know how important it is to protect yourself from the sun when playing outside. But did you know that one of the most common chemicals in sunscreen, oxybenzone, has been shown to damage tissues in corals and fish? SurfDurt is a local all-natural reef-safe sunscreen company committed to a safer you, healthier ocean, and cleaner water. When you use the code SDCOASTKEEPER15 while checking out, they’ll donate 15 percent of the purchase to Coastkeeper. Get your hands on the good stuff today.  

Clam and Clasp 

Clam and Clasp is a local jewelry company that uses sustainably collected shells to make sparkly adornments designed to give back to the sea. A whopping 20 percent of the profits from each of their unique pieces is shared with a non-profit directly engaged in protecting coastal waters and wildlife. The beautiful Restore Bracelet gives directly back to Coastkeeper. Add some sustainable sparkle to your wardrobe.  

Pure Project

Craving delicious, sustainable craft beer? Check out Pure Project Brewing, who is dedicated to using local and organic ingredients while giving back to our communities and environment. For each beer purchased (and happily drank), Pure Project will donate a portion to Coastkeeper. Now you can feel great about supporting Coastkeeper while you sip on a unique Pure Project brew. Drink up.

Photo: Amy Millard Photography

San Diego Socialights 

Want to decorate your home with beautiful holiday lights? Have an upcoming event and looking for decor to brighten it up? Check out San Diego Socialights! They create amazing custom holiday and event lighting installations, including the beautiful lights at our annual Seaside Soiree. Brighten up today.  

Ralphs Rewards Card

You can shop for groceries and support Coastkeeper at the same time. Thanks to Ralphs Community Contribution Program, every time you use your Ralphs Rewards card, a portion of your purchase will automatically be donated to San Diego Coastkeeper. So go on, shop at Ralphs today – and don’t forget your reusable bags! Enroll here!