Eat Smart This Earth Day

Being conscious about what you eat is not only a step closer to being healthier but also a leap to helping our planet. This Earth Day, connect with Earth and start eating for the planet. Here are some tips that can help you start being in sync with nature:
  • Start buying organic. Support local farmers, get quality food and have the glow buying organic produce that ranges from fruits and vegetables to daily moisturizers. Being closer to nature means closer to your higher self. Don’t bring yourself and Mother Nature down!  Organic fruits and vegetables are not only good from environmental point of view, they also contain nearly half as much more nutrients than commercial ones. The benefits of buying organic are endless.
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    Eat like nature intended. Photo credit by

    Get sustainable. Plastic pollution still dominates our streets and beaches. Put your foot down and start reducing plastic consumption in your daily life. Buy a water bottle and fill it up in a local water store; it’s not only sustainable, it’s also cheaper. Abandon plastic containers that you take to work; buy glass ones and reuse them forever. Moreover, start buying your food in bulk and reuse grocery paper bags. Buying all at once means less trips to grocery store, less gas, less emission and, thereof, less pollution!

  • Eat out sustainably. If you like to treat yourself to tasty and gourmet food, you might find there are plenty of places in San Diego that can offer you delicious sustainable meals. Here are just some of them: El Take It EasySea Rocket BistroTender GreensJSixThe LinkeryBurger LoungeStarliteSolare Restaurant Lounge.
  • Go to farmers’ markets. They are everywhere and every day. It’s cheaper and more sustainable to buy straight from the producer. Unprocessed and organic foods are essential for your and Earth’s health! Here are organic farmers’ markets for Earth Day, Friday, April 22: La Mesa, Mission Hills, Mission Valley, Rancho Bernardo. For more information on locations and times, visit Farm Bureau of San Diego County.
  • Buy sustainable meat and fish. If you have a weak spot for either meat or fish, better do it with love and appreciation by buying it in organic and sustainable state! Whole Foods, for example, goes all the way and offers great variety of sustainable meats and fish. More importantly, they operate with individual fishermen from Alaska to bring fresh fish to your table 48 hours after the catch. The fish is caught with no nets, an old-fashioned way, which means in sustainable way.

To eat smart means to eat for the planet. Tune in with your Mother Earth and bring yourself to the healthiest state possible!